Issue with Zorin USB Boot

When I look at boot options, Zorin OS is not available in boot options is this a bug that still needs to be fixed?

Zorin 16.1 Education edi

Have you you run

sudo update-grub

On the Zorin Education Install?
Otherwise, you may try running Boot Repair.

I'm on W11 trying to go to Zorin

In that case, you can run the LiveUSB Zorin OS installer, boot as "Try Zorin" and run the Boot Repair utility.

Ensure whether you installed Zorin as Legacy install or UEFI on the EFI partition.

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I mean it's not even a boot option, I press "F12" to see boot options, the USB is flashing as in there is activity but there is only showing Windows 11

Should secure boot be disabled in the bios setup?

Yes TPM and secure boot is off

I don't have any linux OS on my device I want to switch back from Windows, unless I must use kubuntu or something? I'm not seeing it pop up as a boot option when I stick in the USB

Ok, so, you have not yet installed Zorin OS and the USB is not booting?
Have you hit the appropriate F key for your manufacturer to pull up the boot options?
If so, and it is not showing up - I would reformat the USB stick and use unetbootin, rufus or Ventoy not Balena Etcher to burn the .iso to the USB stick.

Yep, I'm flashing it with Rufus this time. We'll see if it is successful

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