Issues after live testing zorin ultimate

Hello guys. I have zorin ultimate. on my old laptop I installed ultimate lite and it seems to work fine. the file explorer is nice, right click shows you the option to select with what app to open a folder or file, like in windows.
but in ultimate gnome the file explorer doesn’t have that option. what explorer is it? also, why can’t I right click with my trackpad?
the lite version seems better but I also like the activity thing/feature, it seems very interesting and can come into use. and that’s why I want to not install the lite version on my main laptop (which has the hardware to support gnome). can this activities thing be activated/installed in zorin lite?

Gnome (Zorin Core) uses the Nautilus File manager.

XFCE (Zorin Lite) uses Thunar File manager.

Activites overview on XFCE:
You can try xfdashboard

sudo apt-get install xfdashboard

After installed, you can set up a keyboard shortcut for it.

For app launchers, there is XFCE App Finder (My preferred) or you can install Synapse.

In XFCE, there are Lots of Options.

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I have to test more around before switching my main laptop to zorin.
but what about the right click on trackpad in not lite?
and will it cause other problems if I want to replace nautilius with nemo?

what are the other differences between lite and not lite ultimate, except the DE? I would like to know more about the differences.

I am sorry- I forgot to link about the trackpad.

You can install Nemo without problems and I started using Nemo as my File Manager back when I was still using Zorin Core. I still use Nemo to this day, but that is because I use Cinnamon Desktop on Zorin.
Nemo is a fork of Nautlius.

This question has two ways of looking at it.
In one way, I can honestly say that there are no other differences.
In another way, there are a ton.

As far as what defines Zorin OS, there are no other differences. They are equal. Zorin Lite, Core and Zorin Ultimate and Zorin Ultimate Lite are all the same in every fundamental way.
Ultimate does come with a lot of expertly pre-installed packages. But the operation and functionality is no different.

But the differences between the Desktop Environments are pretty stark. And we could discuss all those differences at great length…


so this trackpad issue seems to be related to ubuntu 18. maybe in 20 it is already fixed and I don’t need to install anything.
but what do you mean with app launchers? I am kinda new to linux and still don’t know a lot of terms and features

An app launcher is essentially just a detached Start Menu that is not on the panel. It opens as its own window and can be moved around.
Differente ones have differnet features, just as different Menus do.
For example, in my D.E., I have a choice of about four different panel menus that all have different features. I use two of them, one on each monitor.
I rarely use app launchers. Easier to type Alt+f2 then enter the program name in and hit enter. But an app launcher is handy if you are not really sure WHAT the name of the software is…

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do you mean that thing that looks like a text box in the middle of the screen where you enter the name of the app?

Yes, that is the Shell Launcher. If you have Zorin Lite loaded on a machine, you can search “XFCE App Finder” in the start menu to pull up an example of an App Launcher.
I will confess that I have never actually used XFDesktop. I seem to be an oddball and go about things in different ways from other users… But after this thread I have installed it and will test it out on Zorin Lite - even if I know the tech details, I need to know what using it is like.

this conversation is getting out of the topic hahha. but what is the point of having an app launcher when the start menu can do the same thing, even in gnome. it’s even better to use the start menu than an app launcher, since the menu lists all the apps and I can filter the list by entering the name of the app I need