Issues and results of How to upgrade Zorin 16.2 to a newer kernel

Worked smoothly for me, a novice, except that I got a "bad shim" error preventing me from booting until I disabled Secure Boot.

Thank you.

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Correction: 5.15.96 broke external display functionality, and 6.0.9 wouldn't boot at all. I couldn't raise the GRUB menu, so I'm stuck reinstalling the OS.

I don't think I'm cut out for kernel-switching yet.

Usually this is a last resort. You're going beyond the developers support and tested configurations. This can break systems. Hopefully a fresh install and the 390 driver will have you all fixed.

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Sorry: what's the 390 driver?

That's my mistake...I mentally confused two very similar issues... my mistake.

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upgraded from 5.15 to 6.0.19 but no boot ("bad shim signiture").
Disabling secure boot from bios -> ok but gnome in infinite loop after sign in :frowning:

back to 5.15

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