Issues installing Zoom on a 32-bit computer

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After the step 2 the answer is “No se encontro ninguna aplicacion”.

Hi fvillavi,

If you are having issues getting Zoom to work there is a very good alterntative that does not require any installation, just a browser that supports Chrome extensions like Chromium, Brave Browser or Waterfox or Vivaldi.

Just go to create an obscure named room, invite friends and family but not before making up a sentence password, no gaps but capitals at start of new word in sentence then either send a text or email with the link to family/friends. If you want to build your own jitsi server (too complicated for me) the instructions are here:

Other methods of communication often overlooked: Linphone - but will now need to start a separate security thread!

Search just “zoom”.

Buscar sólo para “zoom”.

NOTE: The Software channel version is a Flatpack. If you prefer a .deb or local build:

wget -O /tmp/zoom.deb

sudo apt update && sudo apt install libxcb-xtest0

You may need:

sudo apt-get install libegl1-mesa


sudo dpkg -i /tmp/zoom.deb

Sorry I forget to say that my laptop is a Toshiba 32 bits.

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That is important information. :smiley:
In that case, please download the key:

Download the Ubuntu 32bit package from the Zoom site here:

In terminal, run

cd ~/Downloads

sudo dpkg -i zoom_i386.deb

I changed to _i386 and it worked. Ok

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