Issues with Realtek 8811CU wifi Dongle Works on Mint but not Zorin

Ok guys So I have Went Zorin on every device I own and even some of my family members... So far so good. However I have hit a snag... On my Desktop Computer I use a USB Dongle for Wifi (Realtek 8811CU 0bda:c811) it finds networks but any I try to connect to it tries to connect a bit and then says "Connection Failed Activation of network connection failed"...

Ive tried restarting, Disabling IPv6, changing USB ports... Im at a loss..
ALSO it works on Linux Mint so I know it can work with Ubuntu based distros...

another thing to note if it matters is this USB Dongle has to have
sudo usb_modeswitch -KW -v 0bda -p 1a2b

to switch it out of mass storage mode into WIFI mode (mass storage mode contains windows drivers) This is the same on Mint and Zorin and Zorin behaves exactly like mint except for the fact that it fails to connect...

Any help would be greatly appriciated.. Thanks!

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Just for anyone else with this issue.. I managed to fix this issue by installing this driver.

Everything works great now!


I'm just stopping by to thank you, since I read your post and was able to find the driver, which in my case was missing in Linux Mint (rtl8821cu). I spent weeks searching without success. A huge greeting!


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