Issues with Surface Pro 7

I have had a jolly ol time with my surface go, but I wanted a bit more power. So I recently upgraded to a surface pro 7.

Unfortunately the jolly ol time shifted

The touchscreen doesn't work, it doesn't work with the pen and it doesn't seem like it like identifies it as a mobile device and is not showing the charge and so on. I'm not sure if this is a bug and it there isn't much information out there, most of it is for super old devices.

If it is a bug I'd like to get rid of it. But this does not seem to work and to anyone thinking about getting a surface pro right now for linux I don't really recommend it.

Might be the first time since 2017 I'll switch to windows maybe xD

Edit: Windows seems so bull that I'm not sure what I'll be doing

Any help is appreciated though

Searching this, I came across this Reddit:

Apparrantly I'm blocked from reddit, IDK why. Super weird. Do you have screenshots?

User provided link:

thank you. the touchscreen works when i use windows so it is definately a linux thing. Linux really isn't the thing if you want modern hardware. But in some time there will come some kernel updates I imagine.

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