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Hi Guys
Thank you for being part of this very friendly & helpful community. Hugs and kisses etc. I've been on Windows since installing via floppy disk. Working it a computer repair place > IT Admin > IT Manager who increasing became frustrated with Windows "Pro" especially. All the cr*p that comes with it & the privacy has lead me giving Linux a real try. (Week 2 so far).
Anyway... can anyone recommend tools that you might use in administration?

Currently using:

  • Remmina & Splashtop (remote software)
  • PowerShell
  • Angry IP
  • VirtualBox (testing)
  • VisualCodeStudio


Barrier can be useful.
Some would argue in favor of Gnome-Boxes or VMWare over Virtualbox. I will admit, my every effort with VirtualBox usually led to massive frustration.


I can highly reccomend Remmina. I would have loved to have used it at onset of lockdown and only a month or so before retirement I did a search on how to connect to a Windows Server using Remmina. I was having to use Windows 8.1 Pro 32-bit using Virtual Machine Manager (Qemu) to access a specific mail box that I could not access using Evolution. Basically when I was using Edge (:nauseated_face:) I would enter the remote address then click on Network shares icon after I had logged in. This downloaded an .rdp file that had to be executed and a second login required and then a third login. I followed advice I had found on the Web. I saved the .rdp file to thumb drive, closed down the VM of Windows, Started Remmina and all I had to do to make the connection was to point Remmina to the .rdp file which instantly launched a login Window needing username, password and lastly domain; that's one login on GNU/Linux instead of 3 on that other OS. Once in I could access all shared drives plus my Z:/ drive (my desktop) where I could drag and drop files from my folder to SharePoint so I could download personal files to my Devuan desktop using Firefox ESR.
Splashtop is expensive and caused some issues for Teachers in the school as unable to see some details that other screen sharing software does. In lockdown up until I retired working from home I had numerous issues with M$ Teams (which GNU/Linux indicated in the running processes as Skype - you can't hide the truth in GNU/Linux) so I insisted Team meetings that involved me should be conducted using Every other day I would use this method to chat with a TA on work requests, far quicker than email and I also used it to help a Zorin forum user to reinstall Windows 10 on a different machine that had needed a new drive. I am in the UK, the member was a retired community nurse in South Florida and we never lost connection.

In respect of PowerShell this entire thread is worth reading:
shell - Unix equivalent of PowerShell? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange.

Angry IP Scanner:

The best Linux alternative is Nmap:

Ditch Virtual Box for Qemu/Virtual Machine Manager. If you have any vbox virtual hard drives they can be converted to Qemu images using qcow.

Lastly did you mean Visual Studio Code?


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