It happens again - experience with software and hardware on Zorin

Here is my history using Zorin. My pc is gaming. Today installed Zorin xfce to hope a pc will working better on new hard disk.
Sadly after near 1hour and 30 min system crashed and i get black screen.
I gived many times a chance Zorin to working on my pc but without success.
What i have opened when it crashed. Vivaldi browser,spotify and a game warframe on steam.
With 16 GB ram and gpu with 8GB ram 256 bit, where a game is old from 2013 i don't understand why it crashed.
Processor also isn't poor.
Anyone have some idea?
After changing my hard disk and installing Zorin my observation is faster start software and no freeze if spotify working and music working when game loading, before was some annoying pause.
Zorin working perfectly also on old computers what i tested.
Why damm it happens here? Something wrong with drivers?
Working on Windows but linux is better. Then why i get black screen?

I reading in bios setting only UEFI not legacy and security disabled was all time only changed now for UEFI. After start linux my spotify starting freezing with music. So it could be a hard disk ssd conflict?
If it is conflict old 5 years ssd then if i created a backup partition it also copy bad sectors when i will forward to new hard disk ssd?

Hmm... what GPU are you using? What GPU drivers/version?

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Also, it would be great to see what your system logs when the crash happens... Can you please attach your /var/log/kern.log file?

(FYI: It does contain detailed kernel log: HW detection of your system, HW errors, some other runtime information. It shows in details your HW configuration from current boot as well as previous boots [we want to check the crash in your past boots, if anything is logged there by your hardware/drivers] . It does not log/show your debit card numbers or you P*rnhub(TM) profile :slight_smile: )

For your Radeon 290 / 390, have you tried installing DPM-Query?

git clone

cd dpm-query


sudo make install

./configure --enable-service --enable-service-start

sudo make install

This document is very long. How i put here this log?

Yeah, I suspected it will be huge.

As a first thing, maybe please try the proposed action by @Aravisian; it might be easier and quicker way to get logs.

Also - long document to post:

Yes I remember that websides many people from chat hexchat. Where is link to creating link or I need to login or creating account?

You do not need to create an account- you can use it as a Guest.
Paste your content, then scroll down to the options- when finished with any options, click "Create new Paste"


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    From terminal when put your advice. Something going wrong?

    The kernel.log is to big cannot paste.
    When I off Legacy in bios I have feelings like now everything working like a turtle.

sudo apt install -y make

package installed. What next?

Return to:

cd dpm-query


sudo make install

./configure --enable-service --enable-service-start

sudo make install

install --directory /usr/bin
install --mode=a+x src/dpm-query /usr/bin/dpm-query
install --directory /etc/dpm-query
install src/dpm.cfg /etc/dpm-query/dpm.cfg
This i have after return what next?

Vivaldi webbrowser i am using.

It looks like everything is installed...
Now run

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:oibaf/graphics-drivers

Hit enter

sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

Reboot and test

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Why it showing 8 cpu core? This isn't a true.

Still is something wrong with all this application. They showing wrong parameters hardware. That could be a problem correct working peripherals hardware. Operating system could be a good but if some software working fail then all system could be unstable.

Why do you believe that 8 core is incorrect?

You mean that count all core.
I don't see on taskbar down icon software Zorin.

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