I've installed ExpressVPN and it's activated but I can't see it in Zorin, what am I doing wrong?

When I do a search for ExpressVPN it does not show up and in Windows or Mac you can see where you are connected in the world.

Click :zorin: logo bottom of screen, click settings. Go to network tab.

I am no expert on VPN's, I do not claim to be. But if you can't find ExpressVPN by typing it in the APP search, then its possible it can be a command line only APP.

Either way, you can at least find VPN settings here, maybe it will help?

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Are there any VPN's that are not command line opened ... I am using NordVPN and have been for a few years due to the country in which I live ... I also have 2 years to go on this contact ... lots of sites get blocked and you get the "your IP address is blocked by this site's administrator" as well as the government blocking websites ...

Nord says you can download and install but that each time you open Linux you have to run the command lines ... and also before you shut down ... they do not have a GUI for it ... so it may be a waste of time as I don't think you can change countries or tweek the settings with out entering terminal commands ...

Opera browser has a built-in VPN but I don't know if it will work on Zorin ... and most free VPN's aren't very good anyway ...

Anyone have anyone have any idea on which VPN's will work with out having to type a bunch of commands to get it to work ... ??? ... don't mind doing it once but not every time I fire up Zorin ...

I know VPN's can be a touchy subject with some people but there are legitimate reasons to use them ...

Just so you know, NordVPN got hacked like earlier this year, and yes data was stollen. Of course, Nord did the typical company maneuver, and say that no important data on users got retrieved, but would you believe that statement? I sure wouldn't! Then in more recent times, LTT had a video about how VPN's dont even make you safe from your own government.

Like over there in Switserland where they have far too much government overreach, they were able to issue an order to make a VPN give them your data. PROTONMAIL has also recently been in the limelight for the same exact reasons as well, cause they are based in Switserland.

Many services these days are being questioned now, as they have shown themselves to be less reliable. I do understand why you are using a VPN however, cause you did mention how countries are blocking your IP, so that means you don't get to watch stuff like Youtube video's and the like.

You should try Opera and see how it goes.



VPN's provide a feeling of security, more than actual security. If you want real security, you better learn your telnet.
Never, ever, ever leave your proxies to someone else to manage.


That is not really my concern as I'm sure the government doesn't really care which websites I watch as long as they are not illegal (content wise that is) I doubt I will ever get dragged into court for watching the content I watch ... LOL ... plus it keeps local adds from appearing on my laptop that is why I use a country like Japan where I can understand what they are saying anyway ... the country where I am residing is know as the download pirating capital of the world ... so many sites refuse any IP address from here ... but it kinda looks like a VPN will be out as far as Zorin goes but then I guess that is another reason to dual boot ... LOL

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I know that ProtonVPN works quite well on Linux distros.

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Thank you sir ... I have a Proton mail account not sure if it will tie into it or not but I'll check it out ... :+1: ...


Last I checked, all of Proton's services are support to work with each other, thats kind of the point. But ProtonVPN is not a free service, its going to cost money last I checked. How much? Who knows, thats up to you to figure out, just as your choice weather or not to use it, and set it up and all that.

As I understand it, PROTON has their own support structure in place for it as well. It seems like every single year, they are adding new services all the time. I think they were talking about introducing a PROTON internet browser at some point, as that has been their aim for a fair and privacy focused internet and all that.

I am sure when their governments giant monkey wrench got thrown into the works, their jaws were all dropped gaping open black holes, while trying to explain to everybody who uses their services, that they are not so privacy focused as one once were lead to believe, not if Switserland has anything to say about it lol.


Any and every government will want access to any private network. There is no avoiding that. really, depending on the government you live under, most users are more concerned about Malicious Actors than they are are a legitimate and generally disinterested government.


I just checked and they do have a free service so I may check that one out first ... here is their info for anyone needing it ...

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OK Proton VPN does work on Zorin ... I just installed it using the Ubuntu installation... the free version looks like it sucks as far as the IP's for my region only lists Japan and it is over run with other users but that is to be expected for southeast Asia ... LOL .. so I'll try it for a couple of days and if I have a speed problem I probably will go to plan #2 or #3 ...

Thanks again to StarTreker and Aravisian for their information ... works like a charm ... :+1: :clap:

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Your super de duper welcome Frog! Yep, I'd like to think that sometimes Aravisian and I have good ideas. HEHE. Yep, I aint gonna lie, I am kind of a fan of PROTON, I think they are pretty awesome.

Because you posted that picture though, I took a good look at it. And I am going to have to agree, the FREE version didn't look like anything that I would be interested in if I was gonna jump on a VPN service.

The one that I did think looked good, was the 8-dollar a month tier. What do you think @Aravisian you like the 8-dollar tier one too? I like the idea that its fast, and supports lots of server connections, nice perks and all.


I state no opinion.


Ain't so sure I'm a gonna make it for a few days ... the free version it works ... but if anyone has a video in the mix it take sooooo long to load and it does drop out ... so it looks like a paid version would work best ... just hope if I go that route I don't break something on here ... not sure how they upgrade their packages ... decisions decisions ... I used to be able to say "that's what they pay me the big bucks for" but as I've been a man of leisure for the past 13 years I can't say that any more ... LOL

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Very interesting video ... I'm sure Netflix is already searching a way to counteract that device again ... but it is another idea ... I've decided to wait a bit before buying a plan from Proton VPN just one less thing I need to worry about while learning about Zorin ... LOL

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Well, since were here at the ZorinGroup, and have no affiliation with PROTON whatsoever, it also means we have no stake in their company. Which means, we have no intention on pushing you towards their direction. You can choose whatever you want.

All I said, was I liked their 8 dollar per month tier cause it seemed like the most powerful protection option of them all for the money. But ultimately, you can choose whatever you want. Thats one of the reasons why I also posted that video from LTT.

I think its cool that folks out there have options, they could use a VPN, or they could use that WIFI device looking thing that Linus talked about. As far as Netflix is concerned, I think they take things much too far for my liking.

There has always been licensing concerns when it comes to Netflix. Always some program or movie I can't watch, cause its not on their site, but can be found elsewhere. Thats one of the reasons why I got rid of them, why do I want to pay for a service that never provides the content I want?

Another thing Netflix does that is freaking annoying is, they will have the content for awhile, then suddenly dissapear, simply because, Netflix didn't want to keep paying for the licensing fees. Hows that working for ya Netflix? You lost a customer with me, so mission fail if you asked me.


Well I decided to hold on to the free version for a while as I got rid of one of my biggest grips ... ads clogging my screen ... it has been so long since I had to install Vivaldi that I plum forgot about extensions and AdBlock ... next time I fire up Win I'll check to see what all extensions I had running over there ... I didn't have a lot but did find some useful ...

So for now the free version of Proton VPN is turned off as it slows down my net speed quite a bit and as I am only on 15Mbps (don't laugh I used to be on 2Mbps) I need all the help I can get ... LOL

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I wonder if Surfshark may help you any.