JBL speaker error

I recently purchased Zorin OS 17.1 Pro. So I installed it on my computer. I have a JBL GO essential speaker at home. So I paired it with my computer and everything went well. When I tried to reconnect the speaker the next day, the speaker made a clicking sound and began to vibrate without stopping. So I had to leave it in a room while the battery drained for it to stop. I tried reconnecting the speaker to the computer afterwards but it did the same thing. I also tried connecting the speaker to my phone to see if it is broken but it works very well. How do we operate this speaker on Zorin OS 17.1 Pro?
Thanks for future replies.

I would've thought standard Bluetooth, nothing special. If you unpair the device and try again, are you able to reproduce the issue consistently?

Thank you for the answer !
When I unpair my device, and then reconnect it, it works once again, and if I turn it off and then turn it back on, it no longer works and it repeats the problem.

Thinking about what you said, I noticed that I just have to unlink and then re-unlink the speaker every time I disconnect it to use it again.

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I'm afraid I have no answers to this one, I was mostly curious to know if it's something consistent as that rules a one-off. Sometimes I have to do the same with my devices but I don't really know why that is :frowning_face: