Jelly mode Settings

I opened settings for jelly mode, tried to custom it a little bit but when i click on "Reset to default" I don't have the same settings as when I installed Zorin. I would like to know if it's possible to know what where default settings so I can set them.

Click Zorin :zorin: icon bottom of screen, type EXTENSIONS

Scroll to find Jelly Mode. Should be a config button next to it.

And config you shall with great anticipation.

Good luck!

The thing is I know how to edit it, but I don't know what was Zorin default configuration, the values of the settingsCapture d’écran de 2021-11-11 12-03-05

When you hit reset to defaults, those defaults should be what Zorin OS was using previous to you getting touchy feely with the levers of memorizing jelly enchantment. lol

I also believed, but actually no

This is how mine looks like.
As I even did not know there was such control function, it is definitely set to default.
Screenshot from 2021-11-11 12-36-05


Thank's a lot man !


You are welcome, but you got my gender wrong :girl:


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