Jelly Mode

Jelly Mode is a new feature introduced in Zorin 16 Beta. I personally like that very much. It is just satisfying to see tabs just wobble like that.While minimizing apps too, jelly mode just looks great.It feels like Apps are now just not boxes.

Are there people sharing the same feeling as mine.

THe credit goes to developers. Thank you for jelly mode.


I really hope the devs dont ditch that feauture when it comes to zorin OS 16 lite. Zorin OS 16 core beta felt a bit sluggish and slow for my potato laptop

I believe the feature is only available on Gnome Desktop, not XFCE4. I could be wrong... But just in case hopes are raised, then dashed...

if then.. sad thing. (this is not about jelly mode) But zorin OS 15 core was kind of smooth for me, but zorin OS 16 beta was'nt. Can we expect a performance improvement for low end laptops, mine has 4GB ram tho (i apologize if im being dumb lmao)

Can you please start a thread and list y our specs on the topic of Zorin 16 Beta being sluggish on your computer?
I ask because I have run Z16 alpha and beta on a 4gig RAM machine and it ran faster than 15 did. The CPU and graphics may have been different from yours, though.
You can use the terminal command


to get your machine specs.

Oh sure!