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I am posting this for others who may be fairly new to Linux. I just last night found out about Okular. Ever since Adobe dropped support for their PDF reader I have had trouble finding a good PDF reader. Now it seems Windblows and other operating systems will automatically open your browser when you try to open a PDF file. On my desktop I use Zorin 15 and Brave as my browser. But when I try to print something either from Brave or from a PDF my Cannon MP190 printer just locks up or maybe sometimes will finally print what I want to print.
I thought there should be a better way to view PDF files without using my browser. So I looked at the software available for Zorin 15 and found Okular. I installed it and was really surprised at how well it works. If you have a PDF file such as a service manual it allows you to quickly jump right to the page you want to go to. And it prints with my printer just great. And it you want to print just the page you are looking at you just select print current page. It is very easy to use.


Curious, did you also try Draw (Libreoffice)?
I've seen jPDF Tweak, wondered if anyone ever tried that.

I haven't spent much time with the PDF editors. It's one of those things I'm always planning to do, but don't get around to it unless I need to edit/sign a PDF
right away, then I get frustrated because I forgot how I did it last time. But you did remind me I lost my 'signature' and need to create another one...lol

@citfta been using Evince which is installed already

I have used Okular before when I had KDE desktop installed.

Now with ZorinOS core (Gnome) I use 3 different readers, for epub, pdf and comic books.
For Epub I use foliate, for pdf I also use what comes preinstalled that's Evince and for comic books I use Yacreader.

When reading this topic I remembered Okular and install it again. It's capable of using epub, pdf's and comic books.

I believe that you can install plugins and make it more useful. Al though I haven't tried them, but the information of course can be found on the net.

For those of you (including myself) still need to use Windows for whatever the reason, Okular is also available for Windows:

It works much better and faster than the default MS Edge.

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I did not know this, thanks. I do use dualboot, so I also use Windows, and for reading pdf's I use Sumatrapdf. A free software. I will try this next time I boot Windows.

I used to use SmatraPDF as well.
But it is missing some functions compared with Okular. So I switched.

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