KDE Plasma on Zorin

Has anyone heard from @Swarfendor437? I'm wondering how the plasma DE has been working out long term, if he's come across any issues.

@jgordon, you did it as well, correct? How'd it work out, you still using it?

This does sound like something I'd be interested in trying.

But more so, to find out how Swarfendor437 is doing...
Call it a checking up on him...

@JeffK969 If you edit your post and add @ in front of Swarfendor437 ( i.e. @swarfendor437 ) then he will be alerted if and when he comes on here for a nostalgic visit to his old hunting ground. :wink:

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Thanks.. that I did not know... I don't know a lot about the forum...lol
Thank You Very Much Zabadadadoo....

I am also interested in KDE, but atm I am happy with Z16 pro and Gnome.

KDE is lighter and more customizable. And atm I dont feel like I want break my system, haha

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I hear ya.. Saturday I spent 6, 6 1/2 hours playing with KDE on my zorin install.
Other than the annoying keyboard popping up on every boot, the panel squishing to the right upon restart and issues with some themes, latte dock, I enjoyed it...lol
I ended up doing a fresh re-install (just not to take the chance of issues down the road). My main issues were trying to get it to be more like my pc with Feren,
without having the knowledge. Much credit to the Feren Dev for the work he put into his version, works extremely well. But I did learned some stuff and may try it again. But for now, just going to enjoy Zorin straight.
The KDE install was easy and only took 5 minutes maybe?

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Install is easy, setup is hard :slight_smile:

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Hi JeffK969,

Firstly KDE Plasma has been working fine for me ... on Devuan 3.1.1! My SteamPunkeD theme below:

and on Feren OS:

I have now officially retired from work so my next project will be playing with FreeBSD - the most secure OS out there!
I shall return to Zorin if they were to change their boot sequence from SystemD to a more secure one - the convenor of our local Linux User Group put it in simple Cartoon terms - using a GNU/Linux OS with SystemD as the bootloader is like having a big shiny red arrow above your head, identifying you or put another way is like giving your PC a barcode that anyone can read - that's why I chose Devuan 3.1.1 as it uses SysVinit - others listed here https://www.slant.co/options/12956/alternatives/~systemd-alternatives - not only that, Devuan still supports 32-bit machines so no need for all that e-waste because no-one supports 32-bit anymore! On the xfce version I installed on an old Dell E6550 I managed to rip out PulseAudio after installing all ALSA packages. (Pulse Audio is software written by the same author of SystemD - if you tried pulling Pulse Audio out of Zorin you would break the system - why? because Gnome in their infinite wisdom (or as I prefer to call them clueless know-alls) they have Pulse Audio embedded in the System. For those wanting to give GNU/Linux a try, I still feel Zorin is the best stepping stone from Windows. I do hope they maintain the Windows 7 theme in 16 as Windows 7 is still the biggest platform of Windows still in use today (I only use Windows 7 64-bit when playing with Affinity Photo, Designer and Publisher - now that I have retired I will have to get my creative juices flowing once more. I will hopefully be uploading some experimental photos from my Fairphone 3+ to DeviantArt soon!
Take care everyone.

[Footnote: I did have KDE running fine on Zorin 15 as shown in earlier posts - not longer afterward I accidentally erased my Zorin install losing everything and no way was it coming back due to mismatch on partition parameters despite extensive trys - heyho! :grin:]


:thinking: Huh. I wonder...

Zorin did indeed do terrific work in making Gnome look good, easy to use and flexible. Zorin OS and Ubuntu Mate have both done terrific work in offering layout switchers. But as everyone is always praising KDE for being the most flexible and theme-able, then I wonder why it seems that most user-centric distributions seem to focus on GTK based desktop environments?

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I have often wondered if the praises are mere repeats. Someone says it, so others pick it up and repeat it; when they have no idea...
KDE desktop has lots of settings. To the point of being a little overwheleming. But is it really customizable and themable?
I Do Not Think So.
It is tightly locked in. You can twiddle some knobs, but you cannot roll up your sleeves and change the code anywhere near the way you can in gtk. OR at least... as much as you can in gtk 2 and 3. gtk4 is a whole nother animal of Non-Theme no customization allowed...
In addition; KDE customizationa nd themes are scattered all over the place. It's maddening just trying to find the thing you want to change. In gtk it is in ... get this... Themes. Or ... Icons.
Not so with KDE; it could be anywhere. Before you can change it, you must turn over all the rocks and find it. Assuming you have access to it at all.


Swarfendor437, please, you may call me Jeff. Aravisian and I think Star Trekker already do..lol My 'Z' Compadres as I like to think of you.
1st and foremost, congrats on your retirement. Our invitations to the party must have been lost in the mail. Would of been a darn good virtual party..lol.
May you have years of projects, tons of time taking pictures, and plenty of New OS experimentations of course, ahead of you.

I really don't know much about the SystemD stuff, but since you mentioned it, it has to have merit. I also look forward to more experimentations on my end with KDE. But with what I have done, combined with a few of the things Aravisian mentioned which I found to be correct, I'll have to do more learning, and understand it all more.

But Swarf, I'm just glad you are well.. Please stop by when you can so we know you're OK. Thanks bud for the response.

Themes may be made up of three parts, Cursors, Icons, wallpapers but in one place here:

A theme store in one place is not the same as where the elements go on the system...

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Hi Jeff, Thanks for your care and concern. Actually there was no leaving party as I have been working from home since the first lockdown, March 2020. I requested that I did not want a leaving gift either - if they did have a collection I originally wanted it to go to a student young carer at the school where the Integrated Resource was based but as there was no mechanism for this I decided it should go to the Student Hardship Fund of the School. I had also requested that had they thought of a meal out that they should pick a menu but instead pay that to the Sheffield Food Network (Food bank) as there are lots of people below the poverty line in the poorer areas of Sheffield where I live - this didn't take place so I just over doubled what they raised for the Student Hardship Fund to Sheffield Food Network. I could not enjoy a meal out while my brothers and sisters in Sheffield don't have enough to eat in the day. Take care.


That was very thoughtful of you.. Good Job.