KDE Plasma on Zorin

My KDE desktop in Zorin 15.3 Core:

With Aero theme and after a lot of tweaking removed dark window background!:

With Tiled Menu - similar to FerenOS!:


SWARF! :grin:

I love the look of Windows 7 title borders with your KDE desktop.

Be careful touching plasma though, its ionized gas, and it doesn’t play well with human skin. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nice one!

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Very nice. I’m using KDE on Kububtu at the moment.
Mainly as I was having issues with my laptop and not being able to login.
Found out it was an issue with Ubuntu on AMD laptops when not plugged into the wall.
I think I will move back and install Zorin Ultimate again.

Hi, I’m using Kubuntu at the moment and was wondering how easy it is to get KDE running on Zorin OS and will it cause issues when upgrading in the future?

Hi, my last post seems to have disappeared with my ISP crashing the connection! There shouldn’t be an issue regarding upgrades to the system so long as you keep the installed elements present you will still get necessary updates regardless of what DE you are using, be it KDE, Cinnamon, LXQt or xfce. Remember DE’s are a ‘skin’ to the OS if you like, they are not part of the Kernel - they are ‘add ons’. I once installed Free BSD and added Gnome to it.

Thanks @swarfendor437, so I just follow https://itsfoss.com/install-kde-on-ubuntu/ for example and I’ve got Zorin + KDE.

In some ways it feels bad that they’ve gone to so much trouble to make Gnome look so good and I replace it with another DE.

Hi, I just used Synaptic Package Manager (install from Software or via Terminal:

sudo apt-get install synaptic

Then search for KDE - mark it for installation, then select Apply - it should advise you that it wants to install a whole lot more so accept and install - I do have an annoying Kwallet that keeps coming up though every time I want to add a wallpaper and it is quoting an email address that I have recently stopped using!
Never installed it in the OS apart from Thunderbird so don’t know how it is picking up my defunct email address … unless… I’ve been hacked! :scream:

Freedom is a right that must always be vigilantly defended.
I guess you’ll just have to go to some trouble to tweak and adjust the KDE desktop to suit your needs the best you can to make up for it. :wink:


Yes there are a plethora of different tweaks in KDE - a bit of a minefield - especially when you don’t know what you are doing like me! :rofl:

Your darn tootin right there buddy! Which is why I say Gnome has got their screws loose, should have put some loctite on the threads. lol

Linux in general is supposed to be about freedom of choice. It is really sad to see a developer going against that. Hopefully Gnome wakes up to their actions one day and sees that.

I think Microsoft has been working in the shadows when it comes to Gnome, it just feels like their influence all over.

No, they’ve just been writing **** poor code for the USB driver support - so bad that a German kernel developer was heard to say that their code was s**t in English and not the German equivalent … then you know things are bad!

Ambient Blue is looking nice in KDE:

Well I managed to crash KDE (It shows up as Plasma in the ‘gear’ options) last night after installing some new wallpapers or rather applying one to second monitor - did a search for how to recover a crash in KDE on LinuxQuestions.org - sorted it by logging into Zorin Desktop and then deleting ‘.kde’ folder in /home and back in business:

If you give Plasma a try as a DE on Zorin and you added a widget to the panel that you no longer want or added a duplicate in error, follow this very useful guide:


Been updating the Tiled Menu today - what I have done so far:

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I like the transparency! :smile:

Also, that jet needs to stop screwing around, straighten up and fly right. :joy:

And the other nice thing about Plasma is the lock screen - you can control your media player!:

Very good tutorial on theming KDE here:

For those who are interested, KDE 5.20 is due out in October - very good article here: