Keboard is all wrong

i went to the mountain for two days and when i came back these errors started happenng :
1 - i have to hold the i and k button for them to press
2 - the windows button does not bring up the start menu but it acts as ctrl button
3- the two control buttons each one gives a different thing one gives = and the other gives ,

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I have 4 interesting explanations for these problems:
:point_right: your computer decided to give you an original welcome-back surprise
:point_right: someone thought it was funny to change some settings while you were away
:point_right: you changed some input methods before you left and forgot you had done so
:point_right: your computer partied and misplaced some configuration files while you were away but forgot to tidy up


Have you rebooted? If you were away, then you could not have run system upgrades.
As @Luca_Pavan mentioned above, unless someone had access to your computer to make changes to it...

If rebooting has no effect, do you have a spare keyboard laying around you can plug in and test?

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Also, you can have a visual feedback of keys you press on Settings > Region & Language > click the eye button on your input source > test your keys, just to see if what you press is detected accordingly or if it's misunderstood.

  • Is this a mechanical keyboard?
  • Does the keyboard sit in direct sunlight?
  • How old is the keyboard?
  • When was the last time you cleaned it?

Overheating can cause some of the symptoms you report, though should resolve itself once cool.

Do you have cats/dogs? Their hair and dander can clog keyboards causing similar issues.

Depending on the age of the keyboard, it is possible that it has worn out. Even new keyboards potentially can fail in similar fashion due to manufacturer defects.

You can clean the keyboard in one of two ways (providing it doesn't have an LCD screen built into it).

    • Compressed air, nylon brush and vacuum.
    • Place it in the top shelf of your dishwasher, securing the cable with wire ties. Ensure it is dry (about eight hours to be safe) prior to plugging it in and testing.
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@FazeDaddy Have you checked the simple things ?
Zorin>Settings>Region & Language
Zorin>Settings>Keyboard Shortcuts

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The keyboard is internal laptop keyboard if I plug external it works I tried switching to windows no luck so I'm switching back to zorin but idk what

I like the 337harvey suppositions, that's thinking beyond the common and easy reasons. Personally when I read about keys being misinterpreted I think specifically to the input method, that's on Settings > Region & Language > Manage installed languages. Also, you can allow a different input method for each window from the Region & Language option within the gear button. I find it strange and perhaps even impossible that coming back from vacation you start the computer and it has changed something on its own. I'm assuming you haven't set up anything that has the permissions and capabilities to make changes like these otherwise only you know what you set.

This would likely be fatal for the laptop, but its keyboard may come out clean and shiny.

Not recommended for laptop keyboards or any keyboard with an lcd screen. :sweat_smile:

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so idk what happened few days later it worked normally so idk

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