KeePassXC AutoType not visible after upgrading from 16.3 Pro to 17.1 Pro

KeePassXC app AutoType feature is not available/visible after upgrading from 16.3 Pro to 17.1 Pro

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Do you use Z17 with Wayland? If yes, You could try if it works on X11. To change that go to the Login Screen. when you click on your Profile Picture and the Password Field appears You can see in the bottom right Corner a Gear Symbol. Click on it and change to X.

Another Thing would be to reinstall the Program if it is possible. Or You look if You can get a newer Version from the Developer.

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KeePassXC AutoType does not work with Wayland.

To switch into Xorg follow the steps above by @Ponce-De-Leon, but just to clarify something: you need to first login to your user account and then logout, to be able to see this button (here, "Zorin Desktop" means using Wayland).

If you prefer to continue using Wayland you can also install the KeePassXC browser extension and enable integration. But note that this only works for browsers and will not work with other windows.

I am using KeePassXC on Zorin 17 with Wayland, and I have not had any problems so far. However I don't know about the AutoType feature, as I have never used it and don't know what it is (I will Google it later on). But I use KeePassXC to store my passwords, and I am using it several times every day, and so far I have not had any problems.

Edit: By the way I have installed it using Flathub in Software. Also when looking at it in software when typing this, I see there is a update avilable of KeePassXC 2.7.6, stranges as that is the version I already have. Lets see if there is a newer version after I update ...

Edit: Nevermind, I have updated now, and it gave me new version 2.7.7. I was confused about the version number in the update page. It would be more logical if it displayed the new version number and not the current:

Before update:
Screenshot from 2024-03-11 18-07-48

After update:

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My mistake, I meant the AutoType feature.

According to the Flathub website the most recent version is 2.7.7, so expect an update being available soon. That maybe what it means.

Apparently this is because the metadata for version 2.7.7 has the wrong date, which is probably causing the Software Store to show the latest as 2.7.6 still

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Impressive finding of you there. Yes, I see in your link the date has the wrong previous year. I am happy it is supposed to be more logical.

I feel bad for writing so much without helping OP regarding AutoType. I will have to google it more next day. But maybe there is no work around other then using Xorg.

I can't take credit for it, somebody else mentioned it in the Matrix chat :smiley:

As for the issue at hand, unfortunately there's nothing to do. In the words of one of the developers: "Autotype is not supported on Wayland". The only workaround would be to use the browser extensions but of course that would only help with those browsers, not other windows that may need it.

Thank you.

Switching to "Zorin Desktop on Xorg" (X11 Windowing System) fixes the "auto-type" feature on 17.1 Pro. Apparently, the "auto-type" feature is not compatible with default "Zorin Desktop" (Wayland Windowing System).

See "Settings | About | Windowing System" to see what "Windowing System" your using.

To change "Windowing Systems" on 17.1 Pro, click on the Cog wheel on the lower right of the "Login" display.