Kernal 5.11.0-41 update and Nvidia .470 driver issue (kernel panic)

I had experienced a serious system crash this morning:

After the failed update, I got a kernel panic which I saw rarely.
I ended up restoring one month old disk image (made with Clonezilla).

The following are the error messages I saw during the failed update process:

cannot copy extracted data for './usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/' to '/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/': unexpected end of file or stream

cannot copy extracted data for './usr/src/nvidia-470.86/nvidia/nv-kernel.o_binary' to '/usr/src/nvidia-470.86/nvidia/nv-kernel.o_binary.dpkg-new': unexpected end of file or stream

dependency problems - leaving unconfigured

0.2392:package libnvidia-gl-470:amd64 470.86-0ubuntu0.20.04.1 cannot be configured because libnvidia-gl-470:i386 is at a different version (470.82.00-0ubuntu0.20.04.1)

61.7225:dependency problems - leaving unconfigured

After the restoration of the drive, I switched the GPU driver to an open source Nouveau before applying the update. It worked :slight_smile:
My current kernel version is as follows:

5.11.0-41-generic #45~20.04.1-Ubuntu

I decided to stay away from a proprietary Nvidia driver for now, since I am not a gamer and I do not feel any difference using Nouveau.


As long people don't do heavy 3D then the open source driver sufficient.


3D? what is that? :crazy_face:

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xorg has a bug, i have black screen issues as well when i use the 470.86 driver. When i login the screen just went black and cant do anything. That is why i reverted back a few weeks ago to 495.44.


Acyually I was hoping someone can enlighten me for what those error messages are all about. At least I know it is about Nvidia 470 driver, but that is where my understanding stops :frowning:

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Hopefully the master @Aravisian may have answers. My update went smooth...but like you I backup as I always wonder if a update won't be warranted for my system. Compatiblity is one thing I have concern for with all Linux updates.


I do not know how I can survive without Clonezilla.
It can literally backup any file format.


It looks like a Corrupted File, to me.
In future, to avoid this, remove the attempted installation. Then run

sudo apt clean && sudo apt autoremove

To clean the apt cache of the plug package and remove any dependencies that are lingering.
Then install the driver.

I am so not...


Actually it was my 3rd or 4th time to have Nvidia graphics issue. I experienced the similar problem in Mint Linux as well. But on the Mint I always managed to fix it. This kernel panic was quite a surprise.

Good thing is that I had a Clonezilla image which will let me recover from any major system crash like this one.

As @Storm told me in the posting above, I probably do not need Nvidia drivers for my use cases. I will use Nouveau from now on to avoid such issues in future.


And avoid the 470 Proprietary or Proprietary Tested Driver, as well.


I think I will also switch my second desktop to a Nouveau driver.
I have enough things to deal with in a real life and a kernel panic is the last thing I want to see.


Thanks for that Storm .... I just reverted back to open source .... I don't do 3D at all and haven yet started gaming on Zorin .... I sure don't need problems with a buggy driver .... LOL

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It is quite assuring coming from @Storm who surely knows GPU and gaming better than us!


Yup .... can't wait till I start gaming I'll have them all running for the hills .... LOL .... I've always done my gaming on Win so this (when I decide to try it) is going probably be a total ship wreck .... but rest easy folks it won't be until after the New Year anyway .... :innocent: :grin:

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I don't know how I been surviving without the use of Timeshift backups on my main machine. Oh wait, I didn't survive, I toasted my POP OS installation. And if I had a Timeshift, I might have been able to restore.

But we all know why I didn't have one. I had 500GB of games on that drive, while having another 500GB on an external drive. To Timeshift backup the entire drive along with the games, that would be one mighty huge Timeshift backup lol.

But I got Zorin OS 16 PRO running on my main machine now as you guys well know. And I of course, forgetting about Timeshift, and going through that little issue after updating, then of course I do a Timeshift after.

I am perhaps one of the most wacky doodle heads on the board. Wait till my world goes up in smoke, then do the backup after LMAO! Well, good news is, my computer is actually doing ok after the 2nd start up, so its not that bad, and I got a Timeshift backup on it now, so thats good.

And its setup for automatic daily backups up to 5 of them, so I will no longer have the excuse. lol I promise, when I go to install Zorin OS 16 LITE, I promise I will remember to install Timeshift on it, I won't forget lol.

BTW @FrenchPress, arn't you using RescueZilla?

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The latest update.
I had to revert back to Nvidia driver (495) since Nouveau driver cannot perform suspend :frowning:
I am using 495 driver over 24 hours and it seems quite stable.


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