Kernel 5.13 causes higher system temperature

After reconfiguration a grub my system is slowly with everything and temperature going up and processor using 100%

5.14.3 is latest. 15.3 is a future kernel from the year 2152. That one does not work with distro's from the year 2021. Avoid it as soon as possible. You will fry your machine!!!

15.3? I never heard of that kernel. Did you get into Doc Browns car and go to the future and grab it and bring it back here? Bad idea, more likely you are going to cause a parabolic destabilization of the quantum universe, and that never ends good.

Recommend you use no later then 5.11 kernel for all computers today. You know, the ones of the present, not the future lol.


15.3 I believe it's the O.P. Zorin version...

Yes with 5.11 i am ok. I take picture again and show you.

This kernel must be changed after problem with grub. I don't know what some miracles in this system. I am personal user a linux. :slight_smile:
5.13.0 so i lost a number 1.


I can downgrade this kernel. Some good guide?

It looks like 5,13 kernel
not 5,3 kernel
am I missing something?

Are the kernels on the kernel base even supported by linux ubuntu distro's ? If you like to test stuff, these kernels bellow are ubuntu based

Kernel upgrade 5.13 and 5.14 guide

Bourne's dyslexia is showing... kernel 5.13...i believe he was skimming and not reading. Guaranteed if you leave it that way some things will break or you'll find bugs not fixed yet. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone that needs a stable system.

Yes I must be a blind don't see that number. That is true many things not working on kernel 5.13
Using 5.11 generic

Hi Bourne,
I'll correct the title of this thread to correct kernel number. This wrong kernel number confused many people - including myself.

With a swing of the moderator's magic wand, it is done! :star2:
I also add a few words for clarification.
I hope this corrected title would bring more people to the discussion :slight_smile:

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I rechecked the list of Linux kernel version:

When it comes to stability, my opinion is better stick to the LTS kernel unless a newer kernel is required for a newer hardware.


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