Kernel 5.18

Good day everyone,

Today I have installed the latest Linux kernel voor ZorinOS16.1 core, version 5.18. After the installation I have rebooted the system and I saw the following errors

What are these messages and is there a way to solve this?

When these messages were gone ZorinOS booted the OS perfectly without any issues.

To be honest... this is the one error I get on Zorin OS at boot. "AE_NOT_FOUND"
I have not figured out the cause or solution; and it seems to have no impact on how the system runs for me, as well.

Maybe it has something to do with de bios and hardware. I also see something in the text pointing to GFX and sound.

I found this: linux - ACPI BIOS Error / AE_NOT_FOUND - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

I think I usually get two lines of that exact error however it boots straight into the system so quick I barely get to read the error and I've had no issues soI haven't bothered to diagnose the issue

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