"Kernel error, Try with noapic option"

I am trying to install Zorin Lite 15.3 on an old HP desktop from a USB flash drive that I've successfully used to install Zorin on other PCs. This time the Zorin boot menu pops up as usual and I always "check the installation medium" . After selecting that option or any other option (after some testing), I get a kernel error saying: "not syncing: IO-APIC + timer doesn't work... try booting with 'noapic' option". How do I do that when Linux is not even installed yet? Thanks for any help.

From the boot menu (Where it says Default - Try or install Zorin..." press the e key to enter editor mode. For some, the e key does not work, but esc does.

When the grub editor opens, scan the page visually for "quiet splash"
Where you find it, add noapic after it, separated by a space so it looks like "quiet splash noapic"
Follow the prompts at the bottom to exit back to the boot menu and resume booting.

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Thanks for the help! I actually had to use the Tab key to edit and add "noapic" but then it worked perfectly! Here's to another old dinosaur windows pc saved by Zorin Lite!

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