Kernel panic after flawless system since 16

I'm getting kernel panic crashes during gaming.

16gb ram
ZorinOS is installed on a m.2
Games on a nvme

I've done fsck on the m.2 and it's clean
Sudo Fsck /dev/sda2 -y

My sda1 is boot/efi
I specifically booted into zorin try os to run that command on the sda2 partition.

I also ran smartctl extend test on the boot drive and nvme smart-log /dev/sdb
Both drives came back good.

I'm sure this isn't enough information, so any help would be great.

This would be the next thing I would look at.
Memory issues, software conflicts and overheating can all be possible causes of kernel panic.
So can Graphics. AMD Radeon Graphics are included in the kernel.
Graphics would be the logical starting point, since you have 16gigs of RAM and checked your drives already.

Did you install an AMD Driver directly or are you using the kernel provided driver?

Have you tried changing to a different kernel either by rolling back using Advanced Options for Zorin in Grub menu or by installing an earlier or later kernel?

Ah, i havent changed kernels at all since moving to Core 16.

Would you recommend upgrading or downgrading?

I would still like to be on at least 5.12 for Sony Dualsense controller support.

I'd have to boot up and see what kernel version I'm currently on.

You can check in terminal with

uname -a

Check you have which installed already:

apt list --installed | grep linux-image

Going higher - You can use the Liqourix or the TuxInvader kernel. I recommend TuxInvader as more stable and faithful to the LTS. Liqourix is modified and optimized for gamers, but I have had issues with it before.

The 5600xt has seen Linux Kernel support since the 5.5 kernel.

There may also be some kernel (grub) Parameters that will help resolve graphics issues, without changing the kernel. I do not know off the top of my head, but we can explore that, too.

Do not forget to check that your BIOS is up to date, too.

Wow some great info here.

once i get on that PC again, i can get accurate kernal version.

I didnt know there were kernel focused on gaming. thats pretty cool.

As enticing as that is, stable for me and the kiddo's is preferred.

If by chance I'm not on 5.5, i may start there and as far as i can remember, my bios is current.

Much appreciated, thanks again for your insight.

So upon looking into kernels. I stumbled upon xanmod.
I felt like my boot time was way quicker than before with xanmod. Although new kernel didn't fix my issue.

I have nailed it down to the 5600XT & Display port.

I don't hard lock when using HDMI.

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