Kernel Panic - virtual box zorin lite

I was unable to run zorin lite after shutting down.

It was throwing the attached issue
Kernel Panic.

I tried to change virtual machine configuration, removed hardwares and nothing helped.

However after debugging all basic use case i was able to resolve this issue using new solution of expanding and allocation more processor.

I recorded the solution here [Fix] Kernel Panic - Virtual Box - Linux 2022 - YouTube

You may try running in TTY or in Recovery Mode Prompt:
Tap esc or tab vigorously when you see the motherboard splash screen to pull up the grub menu.
Choose Advanced Options for Zorin
You may, at this point, opt to boot into an earlier kernel and see if you do not get kernel panic on it...
If so, run the below command from terminal within that kernel boot- then rboot normally and test.
You may arrow key down to Recovery
In the recovery menu, arrow key to "Enable Networking." Once enabled, back to the Recovery Menu and arrown key down to drop to prompt
hit enter

sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

sudo apt clean && sudo apt autoremove

Sorry, I missed noticing that you said VirtualBox

The only workaround that solved my problem was the following:

Enter to machine settings
Select the Storage option
Check "Use Host I/O Cache" for the virtual disk controller
Test and error: enable and disable "Eable PAE/NX", "Enable VT-x/AMD-V" and "Enable nested paging"
Start the machine

Hope it helps,

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