Keyboard-Backlight Zorin OS 15.3 Core

I’m running a Zorin OS 15.3 Core on a Lenovo Yoga 530 14ARR. At the moment I can’t get the keyboard backlights to work.

I’ve tried commands such as xset led with any typ of numbers as well, no results.

Scanning the web I found others digging through their /sys/class/leds. All this folder contains on my side is:

input3::capslock input3::numlock input3::scrolllock

Thank you all very much in advance!

Welcome, LittleMort. Do any of the function keys help toggle it on? If there is a function key and it doesn’t seem to turn the light on, try xset led on and then again the function key.

Hey carmer thanks a lot for your reply!
No it does nothing yet some models of this laptop come without keyboard backlights. I’m assuming that this is one as there are also no function keys to toggle it… :confused:

Sorry for the hassle, but thank you for your support anyways! :slight_smile:

When I searched, “ lenovo yoga 530 14arr keyboard light”, I found one article where the user stated they had a backlit keyboard and some windows update disabled it. So, your machine should have it. Another result, albeit for a different model, said “Fn” key and Spacebar toggled the backlight. How about trying that “Fn” key with Space bar or other keys?