Keyboard layout US doesn't display single quote on first type

Installed Zorin for the first time and it's great. However, I do have an issue with the keyboard layout. I've installed two layouts in the Settings -> Region & Language -> Input Sources: English (US) and English (US, euro on 5). I can switch the layout with Super+Space or using the icon in the taskbar.

However, special characters (single and double quote for instance) still cause issues. It doesn't matter on which layout I am.

When I type a single quote ('), nothing happens (I would expect that on US euro on 5, not on US. When a then type a letter, the single quote appears. Same goes for double quote or other characters. I just want the single quote to appear.

When I switch to US euro on 5, it's the exactly the same. But on both layouts, nothing happens when I press the letter e after a single or double quote. I would expect an e with two dots on it (umlaut), but no character is being inputted.

The language is on English (United States) and the format is on Nederland. I'd like to keep that format.

Things I've tried
Remove all layouts except US
Reinstall US euro on 5
Installed Dvorak to test
Searching the internet

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

Perhaps the issue is because you have your 'locale' format set to Nederland - would it not be better to have Nederland as default Language?
Also under that other OS because it uses ASCII code you can input special characters using the Ctrl key plus number pad - Linux uses unicode and for special characters it sometimes means using 'Insert symbol' for umlaut - prepared to be corrected on this.

Thanks for the replay, but I don't want to use the Dutch language for my system. But somehow the issue has been resolved automatically. I don't know exactly why and how, but I locked the machine, came back after an hour and now it types like I want it to. But changing the Layout still has no effect at all.

Do a reboot (or 2) and check it is still OK after doing that.

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