Keyboard layout wrong at install

Ok I have similar but less simple problem, I believe. I just fiished installing 17.1, but when I was entering my name, the first letter repetitively came up as a Q q when its A a .I found that the z substituted for a and I used that. Now I came to password I put in my usual password which contains a Z and an A . I am not sure what state the fluctuating keyboard was in at this time, but when I try to log on for its maiden run, I get wrong password message. I dont know what happened. Do I need to reinstall?

Since your issue was not solved by the solution provided in the previous thread, I have moved your post to a new thread, here.

If this is a fresh install, I would try reinstalling Zorin OS. Check which Keyboard Layout you choose while running the Zorin OS Ubiquity Installer and see that it is correct.

If that does not resolve the issue, can you please list your keyboard make and model (If it is an independent USB Keyboard) or the notebook make and model (If it is a built in keyboard)?

I reinstalled, and now everything is good, many thanks

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