Keyboard/Mouse questions - Logitech Wireless Wave Keys

Hi there!

I'm new to the Zorin community, since this weekend. Have used Linux Mint before, but somehow I was not able to get Mint running with my new workstation hardware, therefore I landed here and so far I'm really impressed by Zorin.

I have some questions regarding my Logitech Wireless Wave Keyboard/Mouse.

  1. There is a volume + and - key on the keyboard. It currently changes the volume in 6% point steps. Is it possible to change this to steps of 3 or 4 maybe?
  2. I had a similar isasue in Mint, never solved it, since i was too lazy ;)I don't have a print key, or maybe i can't see it. Can i somehow map any other key to the print key?
  3. Just noticed this today now (first working day with new machine). Sometimes my mouse stutters a bit, so is laggy. And i had a strange incident a few mintues ago, i was typing and then suddenly a key got "stuck" (softwareside), so that the keystroke got repeated like 20times. Are there any known issues maybe with logitech wireless, which might need tweaking?

Thank you for your help!

Welcome to the Forum!

Could you make a Picture of Your Keyboard? so hat we can see the whole Layout? To adjust the Thing with the Volume or the Prnt-Key I would say that You have to do that with Logitech Software.

For Point 3: It sounds maybe a little bit stupid, but could it be that the Batteries are low?

I do not know if Logi Options+ exists for linux, regarding print you can use Ctrl + P

Hi together,

Please find below an image of the keyboard. I connected the mouse this midday by blutooth instead of the logitech dongle, and so far it seems to be stable.
My new workstation is maybe a meter more away from the desk than my old computer, but i really wonder, its just 3 meters, should the signal should be strong enough..

Also just found a solution for the sound volume steps:

Press Shift+XF86AudioRaiseVolume or Shift+XF86AudioLowerVolume (usually the dedicated volume up / down keys on the keyboard) to change the volume with a smaller step size.

Noice keyboard! :sunglasses:

Try installing libusb-dev with: sudo apt install libusb-dev in terminal, reboot - and give the keyboard / mouse another shot. That should open more USB support if there's anything missing - that it can work with. This may or may not be a fix but, does help with some USB's that don't really work that well - just for USB. If BT is working that shouldn't really be needed if it's all communicating correctly.

Print key - if you're printing a document you can always use the standard Ctrl+P combo. Unless you need a screenshot / print screen, which appears to be Fn+F4.

Volume keys - in Settings -> Keyboard: at the bottom where it says 'View and Customize Shortcut Keys'. Go to 'Sound and Media' - then where it says the volume up / down, click each one and issue the combo on the keyboard to set those keys; and from the pic it looks like you'll need to hold the 'Fn' key while you press either F11 or F12. Zorin 16 wouldn't let me set my Settings shortcut key - 17 did! Weird, but you may need to manually set that shortcut.

A Picture. That is nice. Okay, I lookes at the Logitech Website for the Keyboard and found an Overview for the Fn-Keys. Because You have a german Layout I think it is okay to show it in german:

Edit: I oversee the Button. SORRY! It stands in the List. It is the F7 (Bildschirmfoto) Key. So, You have to push Fn+F7

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