Keyboard Shortcut Change in Nautilus

Hello again,

I was hoping I could get some assistance with the keyboard shortcuts in Nautilus on Zorin. To keep this short, I will provide an example below.

Current Nautilus 'Rename' shortcut is 'F2'. I would like to change this to something that is not 'F2' for... personal reasons.

How do I do this? Searches on Google and Zorin Forum fruitless :kiwi_fruit:

Thank you very much for your time.

Do you have a ~/.config/nautilus/accels file on Zorin Core?

Negative, the only file in the /nautilus folder there is search-metadata text file.

To be honest, I just went ahead and dropped Nautilus use and went to Nemo. Already heaps more user-friendly than that which I've grown accustomed to so far.

Only problem now is, I think the install of Nemo broke my [Rclone - Put.IO]( mount to /home. Not quite sure what happened.

While working this problem and resolving to create a separate post regarding the issue above with Rclone; as well as for requesting a Zorin-specific fix/update for Put.IO support/integration as your team so beautifully did with the Online Accounts part of Zorin OS settings.

I hope this isn't too big of an ask, and I know I can mount the online drive with the Rclone --daemon flag, but I would much prefer to be able to have the "one-stop-shop". Would integration of Put.IO and including it in the list of available Online Accounts/Cloud Drives be something we can look forward to

Thanks again!

Do you mean the link to your Cloud Drive showing up in the Left Pane of the file manager?

I believe we're talking about the same thing...

I see the directory sym'ed for in Nemo- is it not opening it?

It is, but only because I rclone'd to it. I wanted to know if it was possible to have it done as intuitively as if we were to go to Settings, Online Accounts, Add an account.

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I agree with you... this may be a Gnome Thing - exclusion.
I am not sure how to get it to add additional accounts that it doesn't list. I will see if I can find anything, but make no guarantees...

Never heard of before. It is not possible to add other third-party accounts that are not listed in the settings app except for email accounts. Rclone is the best way for now.

Thank you for your answer. I hope we can look forward to someone putting something official out there in the future for this kind of request.

I think it would be great to be able to expand on the cloud providers already coded intUbuntu's base package - or is it Gnome? Not sure if they're synonymous in this instance.

Clearly I have no idea how all that would work or how difficult it would be, so I'll just put a pin in my imagination until someone revives the topic for any reason.

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