Keyboard shortcut or key to activate touchpad

Hi there,
probably it is very simple, but I cannot find the right key or shortcut. My touchpad is deactivated, I am able to use the keyboard to open the settings and navigate to the touchpad ("Mouse & Touchpad"). With TAB I can reach the setting (Touchpad/Touchpad) where the switch is set to OFF. Now the problem: which key do I have to use to switch it on again ??? Space and Enter does not work for me. Tried a lot more, but no luck.
Unfortunately I do not have a mouse to click on that field :frowning:
With a mouse-click it works, I know.

Thank you

Can you please try

sudo apt install xserver-xorg-input-synaptics

I could be wrong, but are we not using libinput instead of synaptics?

Perhaps, but on some hardware, synaptics works whereas libinput does not.

Can you have both libinput and synaptics at the same time?

Yes. For many, installing synaptics is all that is needed. I have no idea yet if it will resolve the O.P's case..

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Thank you for this info!
I've learnt something new today :slight_smile:

Ok, I've installed that. What should be the change? Still cannot activate the touchpad. The switch does not react on any key :frowning:

Have you ever try the setting to "deactivate touchpad during typing"?

No. Sounds good. I tried it now, I activated my touchpad (with a mouse-click) and tried it out. Works good. I will try this workaround which keeps touchpad always on.
Still would be curious if there is a solution to that switch :slight_smile: Normally you would expect to switch is on/off with the space key when the option is selected.
Thank you very much

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