Keyring manager

How can I open the Keyring manager?
GnuPGP (passwords) in the menu is empty


in the terminal opens the empty GnuPGP from the menu.
So how can I see my passwords?
There are some, as my email passwords are saved


As long as you know your secret key password, you can verify it simply with:

gpg --passwd (User-Account-ID)

Type your old passphrase in each confirmation when it gives a popup offering to change the passphrase.

Have you generated a secret key?

no, haven't got a secret key

gpg: error changing the passphrase for 'gerhardbeck': Kein geheimer Schlüssel

but how can I see my stored passwords?

Without giving too much information... Which passwords are you looking for?

I want to change my user login. I Ubuntu I change it via seahorse and can see all my other stored passwords (e.g. for the email programm) there.
But can't find that on zorin

Cool font, where can I get it ?

That actually should not be stored there and you can see the gaping security hole that could cause.
You can change the user account password in terminal with:

sudo passwd (Your-$USER-name)

Follow the prompts.

These can be stored if you use Evolution or Geary, I think... Any browser logins are stored in the browsers Saved Login location.

It is nasalization... I had the same response as you and asked someone else the same question recently...

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@Aravisian thanks for the info.
I'm just confused:
I started reading about changing the autologin password, it's always about changing it via seahorse, but I can't find it there.
Neither can I find my evolution passwords. They are stored somewhere and in Ubuntu it is seahorse.
But what is Zorin's Keyring manager and why is seahorse empty? I really am confused... :worried:

Maybe I am just used to Zorin OS, though I cannot see how that would make a difference... I never saw it or email passwords saved in Seahorse- perhaps that is something a User must set up.
Email passwords can be stored by the browser. The only passwords I have stored with Seahorse if for gnupg.

Besides the terminal, you can use the Users dialog to change your login password or name. Firefox site passwords are in Settings > Privacy & Security. Don't know about Thunderbird - I don't use it.

(Black rectangle covers some information for my privacy).


In Ubuntu all passwords are saved in one space:

@Topaz I'm aware of the User dialog.
I also know the firefox passwords but don't need them, thunderbird neither.

I just want to know where the keyring is where the passwords are safed. Like the evolution password or the Wifi password

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