Kfd Stoney isn't supported on latest zorin os and some other issues

I have many issues with zorin os 16.2 lite.

My specs

Amd a9 9420
8gb ddr4 ram
Rtl8723de wifi and Bluetooth device
Amd radeon 520
1tb hdd

Before boot it shows kfd stoney isn't supported.

Firstly my Bluetooth doesn't work at all. Same issue on all distro rtl8723de driver.

  1. The default video player is so glitchy. Can't seek smoothly. MPC HC is too much better. Why you don't provide smplayer by default?

  2. Zorin is taking 1.4GB ram similar to my windows 10?

  3. Pc always restart when i shutdown it.

At last i installed it. So, that everything works out of the box on my laptop.
I don't want to deal with terminal at all.

Wstill waiting for someone to help me out.

Given this statement, your desire to avoid the terminal actually limits much of the help we can offer.
While I can certainly understand you wishing to avoid using the terminal for daily usage, there are times in troubleshooting that you must open the terminal and run commands.
Please do not ask for help while tying the helpers hands.

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So, there is no way to just use GUI based solution?
Also why the ram usage is so high?

GUI seems fine; but where you can run any applicable command in terminal in all their combinations; Anything you do in GUI runs that terminal command for you by selection of a graphical button.
And here you see the problem: How many buttons you can stuff into a GUI app gets pretty limited. This equates to limited commands.
And the GUI cannot adapt and modify commands as needed; at least not easily.

As you can see, I am not being difficult. Rather, I have more commands memorized than I do buttons on GUI apps that I Do not use.
The terminal is very fast and efficient, giving detailed information with a command. GUI is often non-verbose, telling the user little.

You may have noticed this on Windows. For example, running the troubleshooter GUI app for network connection problems. It doesn't really tell you what it is doing... and if it succeeds, fine... but if not, it doesn't tell you why or what went wrong. It just... "Couldn't."
You are left woefully uninformed and still stuck.

Here again...
I would normally suggest opening terminal and running;


to see what processes are using the most resources at a glance. Top or htop includes a chart, as well.

RAM usage can vary. But if you are seeing consistently high usage, it may be running software.
You may be using Gnome Desktop which is a heavy Desktop environment as opposed to the "Lite" usage that may be seen on XFCE (Zorin OS Lite).
You may be using a resource hog of a web browser.
My own biggest consumer of RAM is ungoogled-chrome browser.

It's a clean installation.
Also i already mentioned i am using zorin os lite edition with xfce.

Yeah i can use terminal but i am afraid of sudo. That's why i choosed this noob friendly os. It's been 2022 still on any Linux distro i always have to run commands.
My laptop model is hp by002ax.
Also why default video player doesn't perform well like mpc hc and windows media player does on windows 10.

That is what this forum can help with.
Fear is a rational and healthy thing. But understanding and reducing fear is, as well.
Enabling you and other users to gain confidence and comfort with running fast and easy commands is beneficial to everyone.
It is true that on Linux, you may have to rely on terminal more than the cmd prompt on WIndows.
But it is also empowering. Windows is not empowering. It takes as much power away from the user as it can. Let's take it back.
And that you respect that power means you are likely to use it properly.

It is 2:30 am here and my head keeps hitting the desk.
But later when we have time, we can try resolving each of your issues safely and neatly.
Just please be willing to work together with effort. The terminal may look scary, but really is just a big ol' teddy bear.


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