L16.2: Image load Fail

So I'm just opening up the old mac with Zorin Lite, and what happened was that there was some time outs, and also fails.
All I saw was a black screen and some text: (Looks more realistic in dark theme)

      Unexpected return from initial read: Time out, buffersize 0 
      Failed to load image EFI/ubunto/grubx64.efi:Time Out
      start_image() returned Time out

Is this something critical, or something light? I don't even know anymore. How do I fix this problem?

Have you yet run Grub Boot repair?
(Applicable whether it fully boots or not)

Welp, I now feel like an idiot by posting this topic. Because I did it by myself just with that. NVRAM lock tried to stop me when using the recommended repair. But I slapped that error outta my way and fixed my small piece of tech I have.


I've been the forum idiot for years...

In the words of W.C. Fields, "Stand aside sir, I was here first!"

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