Lagging UI/Stuttering

Hello , does anyone how to fix the Lag In the UI? It stuttered a lot , I’m new to linux, Do we need to install An AMD Graphics Driver?

Here’s my Laptop Specs
E2-7110 Apu With R2 Radeon Graphics
8GBs Of DDR3 Ram
120GBs SSD

Please post the output of lshw -c display from the terminal (ctrl+alt+t)

A few things for you to try:

  1. See if any drivers are listed under Software Updater -> Settings -> Additional Drivers and try them out.
  2. Look at the post regarding discrete graphics here. If your BIOS doesn’t have the feature, look at the last post on that same thread on how to disable hybrid graphics.
  3. See if any driver is listed for your card under and post the link back here.
  4. See if any of the drivers work on Synaptic - search “radeon” when you’re on it.
  5. See if the lagging happens when specific applications are open (open Utilities->System Monitor->Processes tab and sort by highest users) and let us know which ones.