Language problem

no option for multiple language selection in zorin os 17. I cant add more than one language

In Settings > Region & Language > Manage languages - what do you see there? (A screenshot can help us to understand)

In previous zorin os 16.3 , there was a plus button to add more languages , there is none

Is this a clickable button?

yes it is

What happens when you click it?

this appears i have tried installing my language here but no way to add another language

I've just gone into my VM and when I clicked on the top button it came back it had not installed completely, but this was only for English speaking countries hyphenation (Canada, US, Za (about 5 countries)) - no option for Bangladesh.
Then after install I get manage languages and this window appears:

Then if I select Install / Remove Languages:


Then if I check mark Bangla and look at languages it is greyed out, suspect I would need to select then apply-system wide:


And also check Regional settings:


Assuming that will change the whole system language to Bangla that I don't want. I use avro phonetic to convert English to Bangla was possible in previous version of zorin os

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I have the same problem , no multiple language, still English or Arabic , one language no more.

You can change the input language source in keyboards section , not in Language settings

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