Laptop always turns itself off when installing Zorin OS Lite 16.03

My laptop always turns itself off when installing zorin os, the installation is not finished and suddenly it turns itself off. Yes, I have followed all the instructions in the installation guide such as disabling secure boot and fast boot and creating bootable using balenaEtcher. fyi My laptop doesn't have an OS yet.

Video (57 sec): - VEED


I see you're installing with networking - I normally don't suggest doing that as it may break the system before booting the first time lol happens to me every time I install with networking enabled; doesn't matter what distro.

Also, how much RAM do you have; and what make / model is the laptop?


Things I would check:

  • Test RAM. Faulty RAM can cause this issue.
  • Test your hard drive. Bad sectors of blocks can create an i/o error that can shut everything down during an installation, too.
  • Check temperatures. Overheating during the installation process can cause a shutdown. You may need to clean the notebook computer vents, check thermal paste or place notebook computer on a cooling tray.

Do you know if (or rather, have you made sure that) you have the latest UEFI/BIOS and firmwares available for the motherboard and peripherals in your pc?

The software upgrades I neglected to flash initially was a serious cause of different problems for me, not just with Zorin but with different installations as well.

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