Laptop keyboard not working

Hp laptop 15" with core i3 1.7 mhz 4 gb ram nvidea 2gb ( 6 year old )

1.Dual booted with zorine lite and windows 10

  1. Perfectly worked for couple of weeks

  2. One day when I switched on the system, laptop keyboards not responding . External keyboard working fine. Keyboard working fine in windows.

  3. Made a bootable usb with Linux mint xfce latest and tried : still laptop keyboard not working. External keyboard working fine. Keyboard working fine for windows.

Tried xorge update and other recommendations from internet.

Can you please open a terminal and try the following installations:

sudo apt-get install -y xserver-xorg-core

sudo apt install xserver-xorg-input-all

Then reboot and test?

As simple as this may sound, you are unplugging the external keyboard to try the included keyboard?

Do you reboot after removing the keyboard? It's one of those devices that the computer normally will throw errors about if one isn't available.

Is there a function key shortcut to disable your keyboard?

Please type (ironic right😆) the following into terminal:

sudo hwinfo --short


sudo lshw --short

And paste your results here.

Blocked driver maybe? Not like a system to disable an internal keyboard permanently.

Possibly failing internal?
Have you dropped it, opened it up recently? Maybe the ribbon cable came loose?!


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