Laptop not restarting

After installing wine (Wine is a app to run Windows application in linux platform) laptop is not starting and showing like this for 2 hours

Most often if this happens after running an installation, it means that root has run out of space.

I also notice that your screenshot references Secure Boot - are you dual booting with Windows?

You can enter the Grub Menu by tapping esc or tab vigorously when you see the motherboard splashscreen (EFI boot) or holding down the left shift key (MBR Legacy Boot). Then select Advanced Options for Zorin. Select the option for Zorin OS that is followed by Recovery.
This will bring you to the Recovery Menu.

From here, arrow key down to the Drop to Console Prompt.
Run the following commands:

sudo apt clean && sudo apt autoremove

sudo journalctl --vacuum-time=1s

sudo dpkg --configure -a

This last one is in case anything went wrong with the Wine install.

No I have done single booting. I have removed Windows because if I do dual booting it will slow down my laptop performance. So I have done single booting.

Then please disable Secure Boot in the Motherboard EFI settings > Security tab.
Secure Boot is for Windows. MIcrosoft did sign off on many Linux apps that they also be passed through Secure Boot - but not all of them.

This is coming in recovery mode

root - drop to root shell prompt

I am giving root password but it is not accepting my password. I still don't remember the password

Is it not accepting your root password because you do not remember it?

Are you using the same password you must use whenever you run a sudo command in terminal?

Given the password which I use in sudo cmd but still not accepting. I remembered the sudo password. When I am giving the password it is telling login incorrect. I have also given the administration password but still two passwords are not working.

Please check capslock or double-check your passwords. The only reason the password would rejected is if it is the wrong password or mistyped. There are no Secret Alternative Passwords set to the Shell Prompt.

I have given the right password but still it is not working

This is coming

Ok, try:

sudo journalctl --vacuum-time=1d

You also had a typo in your command. You put vaccum instead of vacuum

Now what to do after that f

Freed 0bytes? That is very unusual...
Well, try booting up and see what happens....

All documents will be lost if I boot up , tell me how to recover those documents

I do not understand. Why do you say that all documents will be lost if you boot up? What has led you to this conclusion?

After booting same thing is happening.

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