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I have a weird thing that is going lately. My laptop is from December 2017, my power supply always worked without the burning LED. It worked maybe once or twice in all these years using Windows 10-11. I have switched to linux and since linux is installed my power supply LED is always working when plugged.

First i thought it might be burning because i used my laptop to drain on battery power, but that was not the case (it never did in windows anyway). It even burns when the laptop is @100% charged.

Is it possible a OS can affect the power supply ???? Pop OS is 2 months on my machine now and the PSU LED has been working since then.

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Yes, it can.

The LED light will light up if there is current flowing through the supply.
Hardware manufacturers are more likely to work in tandem with Windows (Microsoft).
On Windows, the power draw will turn off should the battery be charged up above a max cap.
Whereas on Linux, the power draw remains the same and the flow stops at the battery.
There are advantages to this... On Linux, you can always see at a glance if the power supply is working, for example. And disadvantages; the power supply sees more hours-of-use on Linux.

Of course, this may all be hokum and all that happened was a loose connection for that light in the power supply got jostled and is currently working...


Especially if it is a newer PD/Q design, as these detect the device. and quick charge / power delivery requirements.
Older chargers would simply have the led on when a/c power as plugged in. Some do both, my wifes dell, the brick has a green light that is on when theirs ac power, but the barrel plug has a blue led in built in the turns on only when the laptop is charging.


Thanks for the info :innocent:

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