Laptop screen auto rotate in tablet mode

I have a Geoflex230 laptop, which I use for installing Linux Distros.

After a fresh install of Zorin 17 everything works perfectly except screen auto-rotate, (and the usual Windows 10 , 11 networks visible but empty folders).

This is a minor problem as the distro release is excellent, (since installed on my Asus laptop), but just curious.

Similar to other distros, auto rotate works from the live disc but not after install.

Couldn’t get it to work on Ubuntu 23.04, but I can confirm that after reading the following thread and installing the suggested extension it does work on Ubuntu 23.10.

Answer 3 by C.Rogers as follows

I was having this exact problem, and turns out there is a GNOME extension to enable auto-rotation for Wayland. This has worked on my Lenovo Yoga for Ubuntu 23.04, and continues to work on Ubuntu 23.10:


After installing extensions and clicking the above link in firefox, auto rotate does indeed work in Ubuntu 23.10

However in Zorin 17 (and Ubuntu 23.04) I get the message

No such native application org.gnome.chrome_gnome_shell

(I have screenshots but not included)

Is there any way to get this extension to work in Zorin 17?

Many thanks

Appreciate your reply to my query, and the info on The Zorin release.

The setting in the display to adjust portrait/landscape for the monitor doesn’t help with auto rotate, as it fixes one or other.

After further investigation

I can confirm that all ubuntu based distros including zorin and mint have screen auto rotate enabled when booting from live disc.

This is for Ubuntu 22.04, 22.10, 23.04 and 23.10 and variants.

However after a full and clean install auto rotate no longer works.

On the ubuntu website

gnome - Autorotation screen doesn't work after installing Ubuntu 23.04 - Ask Ubuntu,

there is a link to an extension

This extension does indeed work in Ubuntu 23.10

Also the extension works in Ubuntu 22.04 despite the error message.

Your native host do not support following APIs: v6. You should probably upgrade native host connector or install plugins for missing APIs. Refer to the documentation for instructions

However in Zorin 17 (and Ubuntu 23.04) when I paste the link, I get the message

No such native application org.gnome.chrome_gnome_shell

So to sum up Screen auto rotate works from the live disc (Ubuntu 22, 23, Mint and Zorin 16 and 17)

After a full, clean installation the above extension works in Ubuntu 22.04. 22.10 and 23.10

For me, the extension does not work in Ubuntu 23.04 or Zorin 17.

I assume its got something to do with changes from Xorg/X11 to Wayland, but just curious.

The reason why I would like auto rotate to work is that the Geoflex 230 can be used as a tablet and I often read books using it.

Touchscreen works perfectly, auto rotate also works perfectly on Ubuntu 22.04 and Ubuntu 23.10 but not in Zorin.

Many thanks


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