Laptop started recently freezing & not responding at random times

Hello, my HP Pavilion dv6 laptop, with Zorin OS 16 Core setup aside Windows 10 (dual-boot) has recently started freezing a lot since past week. My laptop has had overheating & noisy fan problem all along but Zorin totally freezing is rather recent. When I had windows only, my laptop would turn off suddenly due to overheating, hence I setup Zorin (in ~Jan. 2023) - heating reduced a lot & laptop became quite smooth/quiet.

But since the ~past week, it just freezes multiple (random) times a day, even though I'm only using Chrome for browsing and stuff. system monitor / terminal are not accessible, the cursor/keyboard input doesn't respond and lowering the lid to make it sleep doesn't work. The only way out is to hold the power button to forcefully shut it down and restart it; after the forceful restart, things stay quiet and smooth for 1-2hrs, then suddenly it freezes again and have to restart all over. Sometimes I notice when it freezes laptop is a bit hot/ fan is noisy, but there have been times when it's not heating and it still froze.

My laptop's key specs are -

model: HP Pavilion dv6
processor: Intel Core i3 (M378 @ 2.4GHz)
storage: ~50GB (for zorin in dual boot).

What could be going wrong? Let me know if I need to provide any more/other details. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks :slight_smile:

The first thing springs to mind is the temperature. When was the last time you sweep your laptop with a can of air?


I second Storms suggestion. It sounds like overheating is already a persistent issue. Addressing that would be the first logical step.


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