Laptop with igpu and dgpu

if i have a laptop with igpu(amd) and dgpu(nvidia), what option should i choose when installing zorin ? try or insall zorin os or should i go with try or install zorin os (modern nvidia drivers) ? my laptop dgpu is rtx 3060 and i want it to able to switch up between igpu or dgpu depends on the task just like on windows so i can have good battery life.

Either option can work just fine.

I have Nvidia RTX 3060 and I just went with "Install Zorin".
Later, I installed or tried out or tested different Nvidia drivers at will.

my igpu will also installed just fine right ?

Yes, the AMD drivers are included in the Linux kernel.

yesterday i installed it but my battery drop really fast, i choose the zorin with modern graphic nvidia one, i think i should choose the install zorin only instead :thinking: maybe choosing the nvidia one makes it think that it is my main gpu so it drain battery faster, idk just my thought

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