Latest and Greatest not necessarily the Best!

Something changed with the release of Ubuntu 24.04, Gnome 46 and perhaps also with Kernels released after 6.5! I can't put my finger on it but having tried Fedora 40, Ubuntu 24.04 and even Mint 22 beta, my MacBook Pro has had lots of niggly issues! 24.04 seems to cause an incredibly slow boot time... 4 mins and it affects the new Mint too. Fedora boots ok but invariably freezes at some point. Gnome 46 uses the ngl renderer which causes menu flickering and even prevents the Wallpaper settings and Accent colours to not populate. If you get that issue on Zorin with a Gnome 46 app, there is an easy workaround to switch the renderer back to gl (just ask and I can help). So, I am more than content to use Zorin 17.1 as it combines the best of all worlds and feels very stable!

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