Latest Kernel

Hi!! I have install Zorin OS 16 and I very happy this OS is very beatifull and mi PC fly , it's amazing i'm very happy, but I want to install the last kernel and i don't find any manual of this. I tried to install with mainline of ubuntu but all was wrong.
Anyone know how to do that?

You have installed Zorin 16 beta, the stable version of Zorin 16 is going to be released soon.

Having the latest kernel doesn't mean it is better. The latest kernel also will have bugs and security holes that have yet to be found or resolved. If 16 works with the kernel provided, don't be so quick to jump to a "newer" version. What you currently have is good for your system, supports your hardware and has been patched by the Zorin team for performance and stability.

Unless you're changing out hardware, testing the latest and greatest hardware, there really is no reason to upgrade beyond what is offered by the Zorin team. The latest kernel may not have the compatibility with zorin... whether it's because of new features or hardware support that have not been done tuned for the os. So you may very well create issues. I found this out in zorin 15.3, but i had newer hardware than that version supported. Adding drivers made some things work while not completely supporting the hardware. Upgrading the kernel helped, but again, not all that support was recognized by the os. Lesson: don't go beyond the developers unless you're looking to tweak the os yourself... and if you're capable, ask the Dev team to join them.

There is the link to the kernels. Recommend you not do this, but if you do, download the .deb versions into the same folder and use dpkg to install all of them at once. That command will figure the proper order.

There is three or four packages that must be installed to upgrade the kernel.