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this is what i have been up to with learning linux and qemu so a little picture for you all to see , this is running on a Beelink AMD Ryzen7 5800H Mini PC SER5 Pro


That looks quite good, what are you using as the GUI for that? I normally use virt-manager, but never tried QEMU directly.

Do you study Latin?

i couldnt get it to work through virt manager but i found a script that works for qemu directly which i modified slightly now although geekbench gives a high score i have yet to use it properly

no i dont study latin

Any chance you can share a link to that script if you still have it around? I'm curious to set something similar like that.

sure GitHub - foxlet/macOS-Simple-KVM: Tools to set up a quick macOS VM in QEMU, accelerated by KVM. , only good for catalina and earlier though


I've read "bello napoleon" and I thought about latin

Cool, thanks!

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