Latest version of Zorin startup and shutdown sounds?

Hello, I can’t seem to find an easy (or clear) way to get startup and shutdown sounds going. Any ideas how to do this? Do I need to download a utility? Thanks in advance.


System Tools -> Startup Applications has a Startup Sound option. Perhaps checking that? I don’t know, I’ve never used it.

No idea about shutdown.

I was not aware of this, so I put a check in it and nothing happens at all on start up that makes any sound at all.

Hi, Various users have experienced this (even me). I do get a sound however if I use a different DE - the best one for startup and shut-down sounds is Cinnamon DE but it no longer works properly for me now in respect of wallpapers not showing. I do get sound with LXQt at startup and KDE (Plasma) at startup, but not on Core (Gnome). I should also point out that I am using a Creative SoundBlaster Audigy 5.1 Sond Card which meant I had to blacklist both HDMI and onboard sound to get any sound out at all!

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Well, people coming from Windows, will be used to having startup and shutdown sounds. But they haven’t really been that common in Linux distros. Maybe that would be a neat feature for the Zorin team to implement into Zorin OS, startup and shutdown sounds.

Plus, the whole OS could use a neat sound customization package for other things as well. I do know on Zorin OS 12.4, there is a sound that happens when I plug and unplug a USB device. But I have no idea what the new OS version has as I haven’t used it.

To me it was a plus not to have any startup/shutdown sounds. Another feature I hated on Windows. Probably because it reminded me I was on Windows. :wink: :grin:


HAHA, thats too funny, love your post dude! :joy:

Startup and logoff sounds can be cool and fun, but also can be just another Brand Image.


I can still remember back in the day when dial-up was a thing. If it wasn’t the sound of the modem dialing to the internet, then it was AOL going, “DO DO DO DO DO, YOU GOT MAIL!” LOL :joy:

What Zorin are you using, Ultimate, Core or Lite?

I have startup sound on Core 15.3

On a couple occasions, I installed Mate Desktop on Zorin. Whenever I did, I suddenly developed startup sounds. Never found where they were located. After removal of Mate D.E., the sounds remained.
At one point, I remember they drove me crazy enough that I did a wipe and reload to get rid of them.

You mean:

One of the reasons I love The Midnight is the use of 80’s sounds - including eject of cassette tape!

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HAHA thats awesome! Those were the days!

As you know, on Fine Brothers Entertainment, they always have Gen Z or X or whatever they are, kids react to outdated technology. Its always funny to see their reactions, or to watch them try to figure out how to operate something before they were born, only to show everyone their utter incompetence. lol

In one of the video’s, they had the kids reacting to an older late 90’s computer, and had them issue a dialup connection to access the net. They were never going to make a connection, cause there is no longer service for dialup. But the modems can still dial out as they always did.

The reaction on their faces was priceless, as they thought the computer was about to go expoody! HAHA :joy:

I wonder if there ever existed a Win95 game as ‘used’ in their Deep Blue video: