Leaky browsers

... and getting leakier all the time.

There is now a new "feature" known as Client Hints which gives your operating system, whether you are desktop or mobile, your screen size, and a whole lot more. Its goal is to eventually do away with the User Agent browser string.

For Chromium users, if you want to stop this, one would think you could go to chrome://flags/#enable-experimental-web-platform-features and setting it to 'disabled'... but no, Chromium-based browsers will still send Client Hints data.

You can, however, disable it by going to:
Zorin Menu > System Tools > Main Menu application > Internet category > {your Chromium-based browser} > Properties
... and appending:
--disable-features=UserAgentClientHint to the command line to start your browser.

So for instance, for my SRWare Iron browser, it's:
Name: SRWare Iron
Command: /usr/share/iron/chrome-wrapper --disable-features=UserAgentClientHint
Comment: SRWare Iron-Browser

You can see how much information your browser releases here: