Leaky information data

Hello. Yesterday when i repaired Zorin and reading my journalctl -xb I found one line what talking about leaky information data.
What information collect Zorin?
Can i check if i have that enabled and i can disable that option?

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The leaky information are diffrent, not the same like on Zorin webside. I talking about kernel.
Ok. Then if i watching a "chicken" - then they also sending information? In my country they collect all information what users searching on webside or opening. Then where is my privacy? Everyone stealing all time some my data from live to trying selling products or another things for security a country. They even don't know they have a one year a spy russian in University what collect data.

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Most places do this through the ISP (Internet Service Provider), not through your operating system.

Treat your roaming on the web in much the same way you behave when out in Public.
When you are at home, you can behave as you see fit. The same is true on your computer.
But once you leave the privacy of your home or leave the privacy of the computer by entering the Public Domain either on the street or on the web, you are now out in Public.

@Aravisian I want just sayed privacy is tricky and sometimes hiding back our mind. Well this is nothing special.

Is fear the enemy?
Or our ally?

Fear is a funny motivator.
It can make a person huddle into a ball and shut their eyes tight.
Or... it can make a persons responsiveness quicker, their reactions more tuned, their attentiveness more pronounced.
Fear can make you frozen and paralyzed.
Or it can make you attain Warp Speeds.

Fear can blind you or it can make you watch your safety closely.

We cannot choose to not have fear.
But perhaps we can choose how to use fear as our ally.

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The privacy? Corporation doing great a money with some surfshark or another vpn or something else. If I don't touch darkweb or dirty sides how i can afraid. Google server they collect all information about me. I must afraid? No I can always using quebec or kodachi for better security but why? I am normal poor a man on this world with many anothers people.
The people sayed if you know your enemy to be him best friend.

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