Learned How to Open .sh Files

Interesting ... downloaded a game called Broken Sword from Free Linux PC Games with Free Download Manger then had to figure out how to open the game .... took a while but discovered it was a .sh file so I went on line and found out how to open it after I exhausted all my other ways to open it .... very interesting to say the least ....

Anyway played the game for a little bit it is a clue type game where you have to find the clues to solve the murder .... not what I'm used to but fun just the same .... oh well off for my nap .... just remember you will get old someday .... :grinning:

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yeah it was probably a bash script that installed the files onto your machine

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Linux (And macOS) doesn't rely on file extensions (.txt; .docx; etc) to determine the type of file
it uses MIME-Types for that

though, many scripts still use .sh for identification purposes

either way, this is a Shell Script
You can grant permission to run it under properties > permissions and then just double click > run in Terminal


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