Left shift & end key not responding

Hi, I'm using zorin for 2 weeks. From yesterday my left shift key not working. yesterday sometimes it works & sometimes not. now it shows no response.I tried the virtual keyboad. I found that left shift key & end key show no response.

hardware : asus zenbook 14 (2021)
OS : zorin core 16.3

sudo vim /etc/default/keyboard

output :


Is it possible for you to plug in a spare USB keyboard in order to to test if it is a fault with your current keyboard?
Left shift and End are pretty far from each other on the keyboard.

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The issues on my default keyboard, spare USB keybord works prefectly fine. Can we do something to fix it ?

Most likely, yes. I would start by using a can of compressed air and a small fine detail brush to gently clean the keyboard. It is possible that both of those keys have stickiness to them, preventing them from springing back up to the non-contact position.

In the case of something sticky or gummy - you may use 90% alcohol and a detail brush to gently sweep under the key to try to clean out the substance. The alcohol will quickly evaporate, leaving a dry keyboard.

If none of the above works, disassembly becomes the next step. If this is a notebook computer, disassembly can be daunting or even dangerous.
Know Yourself; identify risks and take appropriate action.
This may be taking it to a bonded and qualified repair technician.
Or it may mean using a plug-in USB Keyboard.


Correct and if I might add many laptop keyboard manufactures have started to use pinned back plates on their keyboards making it impossible to repair ..... so a simple fix turns into a non-existent one ....

That is why I had to go to that method on mine ..... or have my original one ..... as you said above ..... replaced by a bonded and qualified tech ..... which was to expensive for me ..... but then I don't need the portability a built-in keyboard provides .....

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