Left side of Task Bar missing

This is what happens when you try to solve something yourself with out consulting the board .....

I was trying to find another Office suite besides Libre and WPS so I downloaded FreeOffice 2021 and had a real problem getting it installed on my OS (and Cinnamon) finally got it installed and was setting it up when I tried to open a Libre file .... FO 2021 says it can open Libre files ....

When it did open I could not close the file either in the file or by clicking on the icon in the Task Bar .... it refused to close .... so I right clicked on the icon in the task bar and it said "do you want to delete" and of coarse I said yes .... well it deleted it alright it deleted all the icons on the left side of my Task Bar and when I open say Vivaldi it doesn't appear in the Task Bar so I can't save it .... only icons I have is Master menu and Show Desktop .....

You just removed the widget. Nothing too severe. Let me boot into Cinnamon and tell how to fix it.

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Thanks ..... don't know if I mentioned it or not but all the icons on the right side of the Task Bar are OK

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Yeah alright..
Right click on the taskbar and click on 'applets'.
Next, you will see a windows like this:

In the 'Manage' tab -> select 'Grouped window list' -> click on the '+' symbol.
The icons should appear again.
Sorry for calling 'Applets', 'widgets' earlier. They call it with different names in different DEs.

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Hummmm .... I don't seem to have that item listed .....

That's odd.
Which version of cinnamon are you using?

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Not sure .... how do I find out??????

You can go to System Settings->Under Hardware->System info.
You will see the cinnamon version listed there.

The reason I asked it is because I don't have any applets the matches yours and you don't have any that I have even though I had recently reinstalled cinnamon without making much changes.

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Looks like 4.4.8

Go to Download to download Grouped Window List Applet...


I was about to suggest the same thing.

Ah! That's where we differed. I use 4.8.6.

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Still don't see any Favorites in that listing either .... I looked in it before ....

Is there anything similar to "Grouped window list" in the manage tab? Like application task manager or application icons, anything of that sort? There should be, since it was there before.

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It was there in the list?
Select it from the manage tab and then click the '+' symbol located at the bottom.

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OK I did and it shows the out come in my post above in the picture ...... as I clicked on the settings icon ..... and get this image

Oh...It appears towards the right.
Right click on the taskbar and enter edit mode. Drag the icons towards the left where it has to be. And then leave edit mode the same way you entered in it.

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Thank you kind sir that did the trick .... great job ....

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